"Realign Redesign LIfe Coaching has helped turn my crazy, stressed, 2 income family into an organized, structured and much happier existence.  I can't thank you enough, Tracy, for helping me to compartmentalize my priorities and gain a sense of peace moving forward to be a good wife, mom, and career woman.   I also have to thank you for making me realize that I can have it all - as long as I'm allowing myself to let things go!  I can't wait to see what the future has in store for me!  I highly recommend Realign Redesign to anyone who is struggling with finding the balance between work, family and their own sense of purpose."

- Ann D.

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"​Tracy does a superb job of helping one rediscover their values and life purpose satisfied by living out those values. She is direct and effective, a great listener and excellent support system as the individual makes their way through the "work" associated with life coaching. She is flexible with scheduling as well as adapting the life coaching process to each individual; however, she holds the individual accountable and her methods and dedication allow for real discoveries to be made after each session and in-between times, too. A super classy lady, she is outstanding to work with!"

- Sara G.


"Tracy came to be my life coach exactly when I needed her the most, at the time I was a hot mess.  My house was always a clutter filled disastrous wreck, my husband was driving me nuts, my child was acting crazy, our extended families even crazier, and I was in doubt over a career change (full-time work, part-time work, or stay-at-home mom).  Through lots of tears, laughter, love, calm breathing, imagination, and self-reflection, Tracy taught me not to worry about the negative, but to see and appreciate the positive.
Sitting in comfy whimsical chairs in her office, she worked with me to realize the following:

My house is a delightful, beautiful cozy home filled with lots of laughter, fun, creativity, and love.  We are so busy enjoying this home that I sometimes leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher for days on end, toothpaste in the sinks, and dust on the end tables.  This is all ok; our son will remember the great times had at home, not the mess.

My husband is wonderful.  He is the only person on the planet who understands me completely.  He lets me be quirky, and totally understands that I often do silly things.  I love him, even when he drives me nuts.

Our child is crazy, but he is supposed to be crazy, he is a toddler.  All toddlers are slightly crazy.  He is smart, kind, silly, creative, wild, & fun.  Seeing him is proof positive that we are doing things right as parents.

Our families (both sides) are also crazy, but I have learned to love and appreciate this about them.  When they come to visit, I can now sit back, relax, and enjoy them.  It is because of them that my husband and I are the people we are.  I now can laugh at the craziness.

I am very happy with my part-time job.  I do not make the money that I used to make, but I am comfortable and satisfied.  I now have the time needed to manage this fun, wild, adventurous life in our cozy, delightful home.  In short, Tracy is wonderful.  She teaches you not to focus on the negative, but to look at the positive.  I highly recommend Realign Redesign Life Coaching. LLC.  Life is much happier with Tracy in it. She has taught me tools that I will use for a lifetime."

- Abbie

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