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Values Alignment

Living out of alignment with your values creates dissonance and imbalance. With my support and tools, you will discover deeper clarity about your values to refocus on what’s getting in the way of your life.

Look Beyond

Your negative inner voice is a saboteur. We all have them and most people don't know who they are. We identify and call them out to keep you moving forward rather than being held back.

Tracy Hougum

Some call me a Pitbull in Labrador's clothes, but I also consider myself a cheerleader and drill sergeant wrapped into one dynamic bundle. I challenge my clients and we work together on how you want to be held accountable for your work.


If you're drawn to this site, it is likely due to several things. You might be feeling stuck; like you should be happier, or that things shouldn’t be so hard. This could be around your career, relationships, or how you take care of your health and spend your free time. Life Coaching is all about co-creating ways to push you out of your comfort zone, with feeling and actionable steps towards a more fulfilling life. What are you waiting for?
Co-Active Strategy

With the goal of helping my clients achieve and retain the greatest possible success, we develop a roadmap for reaching goals through a collaborative and active approach tailored to you.

Forward Thinking

We've all been served up a pile of challenges in our past. But wouldn't you rather focus on now, not your past? I am all about moving forward and putting your past in its place.

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